Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Sex Dolls

Do you spend a lot of time away your wife or partner? Long-distance relationships can be tough because you are all alone; you miss your kids and your wife, of course, but just as importantly, you miss the sex.

Some people have found a terrific solution to this problem: sex dolls. They’re certainly a fun toy, or even companion, for those who are single, those whose girlfriends aren’t ready for sex, and those whose appetites are so strong that they need more than just a “sometimes” sex partner.

But others actually have found that they form a strong attachment to their sex doll. The high-end models may not be able to make coffee in the morning or take the kids to school, but they can do virtually everything else that a man would want in bed. In fact, these dolls are so realistic that brothels featuring sex dolls have even begun to spring up around the world.

Not all sex dolls are the same, as you might have guessed. For years, there have been cheap plastic, vinyl or rubber “dolls” on the market – but they’re really nothing more than glorified beach balls with holes, fixed up to look something like a girl. These cheap sex dolls are still around, but they won’t last for more than a few uses before they have to be thrown out. They’re simply a waste of money.

Then, there are the high-quality sex dolls that have arrived on the market in the last 10-20 years or so. You’ll definitely pay more for these dolls, at sites like But they’re unquestionably worth their higher price tag.

  • They’re made from premium materials like thermoplastic elastomer or silicone. These materials feel almost exactly like the real thing, so when you’re making love to your doll wife, you may not even realize in the heat of passion that you’re not with a real human.
  • The high-end materials will also last much longer, as long as you take care of them. You can expect years of pleasure from a high-quality sex doll.
  • These dolls are available in an enormous range of designs. You can find one that fits a long-time fantasy like an Asian sex partner or a cheerleader; you can find one that looks just like you’ve always dreamed, with big boobs, a big butt or long hair. You can even find one that looks like the wife you spend lots of time away from, if that’s your desire.

Making love to a sex doll can be exciting, satisfying and rewarding – and it can even help you ease the loneliness you might feel being far away from your permanent sex partner.

Sex Partners: Most People Only Have One At A Time

A partner, in a relationship, is defined as someone you are romantically involved with. With that being said, it is normal to have one partner at a time when in a relationship. Having more than one is already cheating, and it is unethical in a sense. But that is different when you are just involved with sex.

Sex Relationships: Up to How Many Partners to Have

When you think about it, sex partners do not mean that you should be in a romantic relationship to have one. These are people who are engaged in sexual activity together, may it be exclusive or casual. This could be intimacy in terms of having sex with a total stranger, a prostitute, or only having a one-night stand.

In the case of sex, there is no limit on the number of people engaging in it at a time. A study was done in the United States and it is found out that the average number of partners involved in sexual activity for a specific person is 7.2, a record shared by Superdrug. Imagine a single person being sexually involved with 7 people at a time, it is a big number.

Having One is Enough and Advantageous (in a sense)

It may be found boring to have sex with the same person all over again. Others would say it is less exciting so they need to try different “flavors” to find the perfect one. Well, it’s normal to seek more but there are still some good things about having one and with many sex partners.

  • One big advantage of practicing monogamy is the reduced risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or herpes.
  • You can develop intimacy and deep connection which will lead to a healthy and intimate relationship.
  • It will help you build trust and set a good example for people who know the risk of being entangled with different people.
  • This will develop into a happy and healthy relationship that might last longer than you imagine. It could grow some trust and romance, also will give you a lot of time to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

Sex is an important part of life, not just giving you satisfaction but also meaning. Yes, for some, they enjoy sex as a past time but others take it seriously. It is up to one’s decision on how they would have their sexual life be. Just remember that every decision has pros and cons so make sure to think about the results before engaging in one.

How Popular Are Sex Dolls? You Can Even Visit A Sex Doll Brothel

Sex dolls have become one of the most popular types of sex toys out in the adult market right now. There are many good reasons for that, according to their avid users.

Some reasons that they say are the following – they really have a striking resemblance to an actual human female, they have certain anatomical orifices that can be penetrated, and they can be customized according to your preferences and traits that you desire in a woman.

But did you know that due to the high popularity of sex dolls among adults nowadays, there are even what they call sex doll brothels that exist? Believe it or not, brothels are no longer exclusively run by human females now.

Sex Doll Brothels: The New Favorite Places For Adult Fun?

There is no denying that sex dolls are taking over the world of adult toys in the present. Sex dolls are not your ordinary sex toy – they are the closest thing for an adult male to have the woman of their dreams and desires in bed. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and themes, and the best thing here is that they are highly customizable according to what you want in a girl.

Because of the massive popularity of sex dolls, manufacturers of sex toys and brothel owners have come up with a brilliant idea of merging the traditional brothel and the modern sex doll trend. Thus, the sex doll brothel industry was born.

Sex doll brothels have been the recent craze in many parts of the world – even with billboards and advertisements that openly endorse numerous sex doll brothels that boast a wide range of sex dolls available for males with varying preferences.

It can be said that these types of modern-day brothels have become popular nowadays, with more and more men preferring to go there instead of the traditional brothel with human female sex workers. Unlike the traditional brothel, the one that houses sex dolls as “workers” are much more likely to suit your preferences and desires. Sex dolls do not complain – they only give you pleasure, and you’ll feel no guilt after.

You’re Still Free to Choose

Sure, there is no denying that sex dolls are wildly popular, hence the popularity of the brothels built to “employ” them. But still, in the end, you have the absolute freedom to  choose where you want to get your sexual enjoyment.

Big Boobs: Why They’re Such A Big Deal

Is there a reason why men are obsessed with breast size? This is possibly one of the biggest puzzles for women. Wherever you look, in movies, in TV shows and in posters, women who have bigger breasts are always seen as sexy, attractive, seductive, and beautiful. Are big boobs something that men only look at when deciding if a woman is beautiful or not?

In the modern world, breast size is not only a concern for men, but for women as well. Throughout the years, women have been conditioned to see that bigger breasts mean more points of attractiveness. But is this really something that makes them feel attractive? Or is the love for bigger breasts something that is influenced by one’s surroundings?

The Reason Why Men Tend to Prefer Bigger Breasts

According to some studies in anthropology and sociology, the occurrence of preference over big boobs has been prevalent as far back as 25,000 years ago. Women who had larger breasts were thought of as ideal. This is because bigger breasts were seen as a sign of fertility. It showed men that a woman is able to bear children and take care of them with her body as a mother.

In some more modern cases, there are men who are curious about women’s breasts and often fantasize about it. There have been some popular genres dedicated to breast sizes because it’s something that men always wanted to experience. Having sexual fantasies play a big role in this scenario and more often than not, men who have not encountered seeing bigger breasts will definitely look somewhere to find it.

Another take on why men are fixated on big breasts is because they don’t have such things. Of course, men also have chests but it’s not quite the same as women’s breasts. These are something new to them, thus it’s one of the first things that grab their attention. If a woman has a sizable breast, then it only generates more curiosity from men.

Is Breast Size the Only Thing That Matters for Men?

Even though bigger breasts do take the attention first, not every man is blinded by it. There are others who prefer looking for women who have shapely bodies, good hips, a sizable rear and so on. It all goes down into preference.

Breasts are probably one of the most popular preferences for men, but this isn’t the only thing that they consider. Attraction can be different to many individuals. The same goes for women, as some tend to like slim men, some like men who are slender and some like men who have abs and muscles and so on.

What A Good Sex Doll Looks Like

If you are planning to buy a sex doll, you come to the right place. You see, there are so many variations of sex dolls, just like when there are so many looks of the female gender. This is why you have almost endless options when it comes to this kind of product.

One thing you need to know though is that the sex doll appearance is quite important, just like when the appearance of your wife matters to you. After all, a sex doll can sometimes replace the wife in the bed.

Here are some tips that might be useful for you:

  • You can choose between standard or customizable sex doll. The standard doll comes with a complete package and everything is fixed, like take or leave it. Most of the time, this version of a doll is cheaper. The customizable on the other hand has features in which you can alter. But you have to note that every feature of the sex doll appearance you want to change comes with a fee.
  • If you plan to choose the customizable doll, you should first learn the different features of a sex doll, like the skeletal structure and the height as well as the size. You also need to consider the weight as well as its orifices.
  • Then be sure to check the body parts and its accessories. You have the option to drastically alter some of its features like the style of the hair, the size of the boobs and many others. This is if you will choose the fully customizable doll as there are also dolls that are only semi-customizable.
  • And of course, you need to check your budget. In fact, everything will depend on your budget, like if you can afford the customizable or not. Thus, it is best to consider this first before you start shopping. You have to also consider the fact that the sex doll should not get in the way with your primary needs as this is just for entertainment. So, you should not go beyond your budget.

When you are shopping for a sex doll, think of it as looking for a woman to court. It means that is appearance will matter a lot. For sure you don’t want in your bed a kind of woman that is not par to your expectation. So, choose wisely.