Big Boobs: Why They’re Such A Big Deal

Is there a reason why men are obsessed with breast size? This is possibly one of the biggest puzzles for women. Wherever you look, in movies, in TV shows and in posters, women who have bigger breasts are always seen as sexy, attractive, seductive, and beautiful. Are big boobs something that men only look at when deciding if a woman is beautiful or not?

In the modern world, breast size is not only a concern for men, but for women as well. Throughout the years, women have been conditioned to see that bigger breasts mean more points of attractiveness. But is this really something that makes them feel attractive? Or is the love for bigger breasts something that is influenced by one’s surroundings?

The Reason Why Men Tend to Prefer Bigger Breasts

According to some studies in anthropology and sociology, the occurrence of preference over big boobs has been prevalent as far back as 25,000 years ago. Women who had larger breasts were thought of as ideal. This is because bigger breasts were seen as a sign of fertility. It showed men that a woman is able to bear children and take care of them with her body as a mother.

In some more modern cases, there are men who are curious about women’s breasts and often fantasize about it. There have been some popular genres dedicated to breast sizes because it’s something that men always wanted to experience. Having sexual fantasies play a big role in this scenario and more often than not, men who have not encountered seeing bigger breasts will definitely look somewhere to find it.

Another take on why men are fixated on big breasts is because they don’t have such things. Of course, men also have chests but it’s not quite the same as women’s breasts. These are something new to them, thus it’s one of the first things that grab their attention. If a woman has a sizable breast, then it only generates more curiosity from men.

Is Breast Size the Only Thing That Matters for Men?

Even though bigger breasts do take the attention first, not every man is blinded by it. There are others who prefer looking for women who have shapely bodies, good hips, a sizable rear and so on. It all goes down into preference.

Breasts are probably one of the most popular preferences for men, but this isn’t the only thing that they consider. Attraction can be different to many individuals. The same goes for women, as some tend to like slim men, some like men who are slender and some like men who have abs and muscles and so on.