How To Keep Your Love Doll Clean

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Usually, clients need to keep their sex dolls clean after they use them and its best to do everything you can to keep them in great condition. This way you can get enjoyment out of them for many years to come. Thankfully, cleaning your love doll is just a simple matter of following instructions that won’t take more than a few minutes after you have finished using her. After you have had a hot session with your beautiful sex doll it even enhances intimacy to role play that you are taking care of her by cleaning her up. Let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can keep any kind of sex doll absolutely spotless and sexy for you.

Cleaning your sex doll isn’t hard at all. It can be done even easier if you have the right tools. We are going to teach you about tools that will make your cleaning efforts easier and more hygienic for both your sake and your sex doll’s sake.

Vaginal Irrigator.

The vaginal irrigator has several names including the douche bag. Its the perfect tool for cleaning out your sex doll after you have finished using her. To use one of these properly all you have to do is fill it with water and soap until it reaches the top. Then just point the end into your doll’s orifice and press until the water flushes up into her body and cleans out all the fluid there. The best timing for this is right after you have finished doing the deed with your doll.


Luffas are usually attached to a stick and they provide you with additional cleaning strength. You can use a luffa to gently scrub your doll’s mouth, vagina and inside her anus. Luffas are great because you can clean out any mess that may have been sitting there for a long time and you don’t have to use much force. Even if there is a smell or mold the luffa can be effective on taking care of the problem though we recommend you never let things get that far to begin with.

Shower Head

If you already have a removable shower head at home you are in luck. It can be used to clean up your sex doll. In fact, you can make it a romantic game where you scrub your doll down external and internally just like if you were a couple showering together. The showerhead should be a few feet long and flexible so you can position it at any angle. You can point the jet right inside of your doll and quickly flush out any fluid you put inside of her in no time. Also you wont need to worry about where the water will run off to when you are done.

Drying your Doll

Your doll should be dried completely once you are done with her. To dry her properly use a light towel that doesn’t have a rough texture so as not to damage her. Don’t press to hard. Your sweetheart is delicate and wants to be treated gently. Once you are done drying her just let her sit for an hour or so and then you may want to apply baby powder to her so that her skin will be perfectly soft again.