Sex Dolls Keep You Safe From Sperm Theft

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You might think there is no danger of this happening, but actually many men have fallen victim to a crim called sperm theft and had their lives ruined because of it. Say a woman you are dating wants to make things serious but you just aren’t that into her. Yes you are a reliable man and that is what she likes about you and her clock is ticking so she wants to nail you down before it becomes too late for her. This woman may act on her desperation or her evolutionary instinct to do something to you that is absolutely immoral. She makes take the sperm out of the condom and use it to impregnate herself, or she may tell you she is on the pill then stop taking it because she wants your sperm to fertilize your eggs.

There are women who don’t have any prospects in life other than impregnating a man. Imagine a woman who works part time because she is not hard-working enough or smart enough to achieve a full time position. She knows that she will never have enough money to retire and also all the dreams she had when she was a child are over and done with. There is no more point in going out an partying. She knows that she will never be successful in a band. So finally she has to be practical and find a safety net somehow. That safety net could be you and she will try to grab herself a net without your consent if she can.

You can be super paranoid and always dispose of the condom yourself instead of trusting it to her, or you can just choose to live with a sex doll. Your doll is eternally young and beautiful. There is no way she is going to get pregnant. She has no incentive to play those evil sorts of games with you by bringing a child into this world just so she can have a free lunch for the rest of her life. If you have a doll there will be a strong sense of security in your life every day because you will not be worried bout a grubby woman with evil intentions taking everything you own from you just for her selfish reasons. Women are also attracted to stealing sperm because they are getting old and they know that soon they will start to get ugly, possibly even fat. Don’t invest in an asset whose value is depreciating. Just take care of a sex doll whose value will remain the same across time.