Sex Partners: Most People Only Have One At A Time

A partner, in a relationship, is defined as someone you are romantically involved with. With that being said, it is normal to have one partner at a time when in a relationship. Having more than one is already cheating, and it is unethical in a sense. But that is different when you are just involved with sex.

Sex Relationships: Up to How Many Partners to Have

When you think about it, sex partners do not mean that you should be in a romantic relationship to have one. These are people who are engaged in sexual activity together, may it be exclusive or casual. This could be intimacy in terms of having sex with a total stranger, a prostitute, or only having a one-night stand.

In the case of sex, there is no limit on the number of people engaging in it at a time. A study was done in the United States and it is found out that the average number of partners involved in sexual activity for a specific person is 7.2, a record shared by Superdrug. Imagine a single person being sexually involved with 7 people at a time, it is a big number.

Having One is Enough and Advantageous (in a sense)

It may be found boring to have sex with the same person all over again. Others would say it is less exciting so they need to try different “flavors” to find the perfect one. Well, it’s normal to seek more but there are still some good things about having one and with many sex partners.

  • One big advantage of practicing monogamy is the reduced risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or herpes.
  • You can develop intimacy and deep connection which will lead to a healthy and intimate relationship.
  • It will help you build trust and set a good example for people who know the risk of being entangled with different people.
  • This will develop into a happy and healthy relationship that might last longer than you imagine. It could grow some trust and romance, also will give you a lot of time to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

Sex is an important part of life, not just giving you satisfaction but also meaning. Yes, for some, they enjoy sex as a past time but others take it seriously. It is up to one’s decision on how they would have their sexual life be. Just remember that every decision has pros and cons so make sure to think about the results before engaging in one.