Silicone Dolls Vs Inflatable

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In the media and on the internet sex dolls have gained a lot of attention. Some may be shocked at the explosion in interest. There have also been advances in the technology used to make these dolls. It used to be that the only dolls a person could buy were inflatable dolls made of cheap plastic, but a new era is here. What has brought about this transition? How is it that people are willing to spend much more money to buy higher end dolls? We are going to look at the materials that dolls are made off and ask why customers are beginning to prefer them.

The most popular dolls out there on the market today are made of Silicone resin that was once only used for medical purposes. It has high elasticity, high resilience, excellent coloring, high strength and is of medical quality. It also is soft to the touch, resists constant pressure, resists the weather and can maintain its shape even if exposed to high temperatures. The biggest downside to Silicone is just that it is expensive to produce and work with. If you get a doll made of Silicone it comes with a metal skeleton embedded in it and though this allows you doll to be posed and behave in a more lifelike manner it also adds to the cost. The dolls made with these materials and this degree of care can cost a customer around $2000.

If you take a look at inflatable dolls they are made of plastic except for the vagina hold which can have Silicone or TPE inside of it. There are even some scamming sellers online who will show you pictures of a Silicone doll but then only deliver a Silicone doll to you.

How Real it Feels

The material the doll is made of has a large impact on how real it feels when you touch it. Silicone feels soft and similar to real human flesh. Joints are pliable and can be very near to how real humans change their body when you give them mobility tests. Silicone sex dolls can also stand upright, sit upright, and assume many different postures. Your doll even has the ability to assume poses that display empathy and personality in order to warm your heart. It’s easy to pretend that a Silicone doll is real and alive.

If you have an inflatable doll you must find her blowhole and blow her up because she will come to you deflated. She will come in a small package that will not cost you very much in shipping but when you touch her body it will feel very rough. There is also no ability to pose her in different positions. If you are talking about sex, missionary is the only position that will really work for you. There is also no chance of touching her to feel real. She has no joints. She can’t sit on a couch. She can’t stand up. She looks like a joke from a movie.

Silicone dolls are actually quite heavy and are approaching the weight of a real woman. Some dolls weight nearly 100 lbs now. Some consider this to be a burden, but others feel that this enhances the realism of the experience when being with a doll.

Inflatable dolls may less than even 1 lb when you hare done blowing them up. Air takes up space but basically has no weight.