What Kinds of Sex Dolls Are Illegal in the USA

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Some wonder if sex dolls are legal in their country. This article will address the question of sex doll legality in the United States because that is where I store is located. The basic answer to this question is yes but there are a few complications that you have to be aware of. In every single state in the USA, sex dolls are basically legal. What is not legal however is sex dolls that resemble children. You can get dolls that are small for the purposes of saving money but those dolls can not be intended to mimic the body of an actual child. You can purchase miniature sex dolls that are less expensive because you ultimately use less silicon when creating them. You can purchase mini sex doll torsos or you can purchase a full life size doll in the United States.

Child Like Dolls Are Not OK

It is specifically prohibited across the United States to buy dolls that look like children. Yes, there are some adult women who have a young looking face. In fact, it’s extremely common for Asian women to tend to look on the young side and have their age underestimated. You can buy these dolls that are clearly intended to be adults without issue. You will not be arrested for it or get in any trouble, but there are doll manufacturers in Japan for example that go out of their way to make dolls that are clearly intended to be elementary school students and this is definitely not acceptable in the United States. Even in Japan most people are not ok with it and they are trying to get new laws passed to prevent it but they have not been successful yet.

What To Do

If you find that you crave a doll that is not intended to be an adult the only advice we can give you is to seek psychological counseling. It may be that you can not help such urges and so we have sympathy for you and we believe that all of society should. However, it is not ok to indulge in your impulses because it is destructive for society.

What is OK

As long as your fetishes do not endanger children, we encourage you to embrace them and explore them. It’s important for people to engage with their fantasies in a healthy way. A sex doll can be an amazing tool that helps a person better understand themselves, experience pleasure, and even find out who they are sexually speaking. You can come out of the closet and be a proud owner of a sex doll. Doing what you want as long as you are not hurting yourself is part of what it means to be free and to enjoy your freedom. Your doll will submit to you in every way and help you find your true sexual self.