What Sex Doll Factories Are Like

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The vast majority of sex dolls in the world are made in China. Its thought that more than 70% of them are made there. In fact most of the sex toys in the world are made there too. Sex dolls are more beautiful than most real women. They have long legs, big boobs, slim waists, small shoulders and cute little faces. They can be dainty and feminine or they can be glamorous and full of sex appeal for you. Take a look at the factories where these silicone sex dolls are produced. You could think of these as the factories where dreams are made.

Did you know that more than 30% of the men who purchase sex dolls have a wife or girlfriend? Can sex dolls replace a real person? It might be possible with the amazing technology that the sex doll manufacturers use.

3D Printing

One of the major tools used by sex doll manufacturers is 3D printing. They are used to make the detailed faces of the sex dolls. However the machine can not do everything alone. After the face is printed a real human will look things over and fine tune the details of the doll. If you step into the offices of a sex doll manufacturer you can see the dolls in many states of completion.

Skeleton Area

Sex dolls have a metal skeleton at their core and its a bit like seeing an automobile factory. Each sex doll skeleton has more than 100 components to it. The skeletons are made in a glass room and it feels very cold but it’s amazing to witness how the tiny little parts all come together to make the frame that supports your doll.

The skeleton must then be taken from the room and bound to the plastic body of the doll. The body is made with a mold. The skeleton is hung then pressed into the mold so that that body will form around it. Once the body has had time to cool down it will come out with its skeleton and already be movable and poseable. It looks a bit like something out of the TV show West World and is amazing to look at. Most men prefer dolls that are under 5’9” and have C cup breasts.

Lastly, the factory will apply makeup and a wig to the doll. An artist will spend a lot of time making sure the doll is perfect and feminine as if she is ready to go on a date. If you visit a sex doll factory it will be hard to resist the urge to bring one home with you. It opens your mind to a gigantic world of possibilities where you can craft your ideal partner from hand.